Live Dealer Online Casino
A modern-day live dealer online casino facility (Evolution Gaming)

Live dealer online casino games are the result of a natural melding between traditional land-based gambling and online gambling sites. While many bettors still prefer the anonymity and convenience of wagering at software-powered online casinos, there are many others who enjoy real interaction with human dealers, as well as other players, albeit remotely. And still there are those who prefer live dealer casinos for the comfort they provide in getting a hand that has not been determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). Live dealer games are incredibly popular and have been growing in demand by online gamblers worldwide. Players are looking for games that have real dealers dealing out the cards and spinning the roulette wheel.

RNG's are what determines each hand outcome milliseconds after clicking the Deal button. Live dealer casino games, on the other hand, use actual cards - and in the case of Roulette - and actual Roulette wheel to play out the wagers. Assuming both of these forms have gone through the same regulatory hoops and hurdles, an RNG game and live dealer game played with the exact same rules, will deliver the same odds of winning.

The most important consideration for RNG casinos is that the software platform has been verified to be licensed by a reputable regulatory body, and as part of such licensing, has undergone RNG diehard testing by an accredited testing house. In the case of live dealer casinos wherein a facility for gambling is being operated, these too should hold a license through a reputable regulatory agency, but in this case being a remote casino operator license. RNG certifications do not apply in this case. Both operations should have ongoing payout percentage reports readily available.


Live Dealer Casino Games

Although demand for live dealer casino games is growing, not every table or specialty game is currently available in live dealer mode. Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette are the primary offerings at the most frequented live dealer online casinos. Three-card and Hold'em Poker are becoming increasingly available, and it is only a matter of time before Craps is available in live mode as well.

Indeed, Craps is probably the most missed casino game in live mode. Considering all of the action that generally surrounds a craps table in a land-based casino, it is the one game that poses the most challenges in translating to a remote version. While Craps offered at RNG online casinos delivers an entertaining gaming session and is still widely played by many, by incorporating a more realistic playing experience, i.e. with live dealers and real dice, Craps could very well be adapted to augmented reality gaming in which players experience the actual rolling of the dice.


Live Dealer Online Casino Technology

Augmented reality technologies will certainly play a major role in remote casino games of the future, but for the time being, the primary technologies behind live dealer online casino gambling is optical camera recognition (OCR) software and game control units (GCU).

GCU's are essential to live dealer online casino games. Think of them as the brains of the game, functioning to encode broadcast video and assisting the dealer so that each hand runs in an efficient and timely manner. OCR software works in conjunction with video cameras to translate what is filmed into digital data that is instantly shared on the player betting interface. For example, if the roulette ball lands on number 7, the results will be digitally logged. While the player will be able to see the actual ball landing in the slot, a digital capture is important for creating betting history logs.

A third and more common technology used in live dealer games is live chat. While the dealer is visible and audibly heard by the player, a live chat communication channel is available for players when needing to ask the dealer a question or even for making small talk. Multi-player tables are also available, which provides an added social component similar to brick and mortar casino games.

There are a variety of software platforms powering live dealer online casinos. Some casinos use a proprietary setup, while the majority of top-tier live dealer casinos online use Visionary iGaming or Evolution Gaming's software solutions. Play live dealer games at the Internet's top rated casino websites.


Additional Live Online Gambling Options

Poker is the king of social gambling games and for the true poker player, a game that must be played against other live players. While most casinos do offer table game versions of poker, online poker is only offered by those gambling operators who have invested in special software to run an online poker room. In an online poker room, you’ll sit down at the virtual table to play against real players in real time. The action ranges from micro stakes at pennies a hand, to high stakes with hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single pot. Online poker is a sure way to increase your poker skill and test yourself against the best without ever leaving home.

Online sports betting offers another component of gambling live that is referred to as In-Play wagering. Real time wagering to the nth degree, In-play bets cover events that are happening in the moment (as much as is realistically possible), such as penalty kicks, field goals, free throws and other common events that take place in sports games.