Blackjack Online Advantages Over Casino Blackjack

blackjack-onlineDo you play blackjack online or are you strictly a brick and mortar casino player? If you had a choice as to which to play, and you knew that one of those choices would consistently provide you with a winning outcome, it would be a no-brainer decision, wouldn’t it? It’s true, playing blackjack online can give you advantages over playing in a brick and mortar casino. But before jumping right to the blackjack tables, whether it’s online or land-based, you must learn and consistently use basic blackjack strategy. This is a proven method of playing the odds and takes into consideration every possible hand in blackjack. It determines what is statistically the best way to play each scenario. That seems like an impossible amount of information to try and remember. But the beauty of it is that you don’t have to remember it all. Basic blackjack strategy charts are available and are perfectly legal to use while playing. All of the possible hand combinations are included on a hand-sized chart. The more you play, the more the correct moves become second nature to the extent that you won’t need to use a chart. And to make it easier to learn, a player should take advantage of sites that have blackjack online for free.

Once a player has mastered the basic blackjack strategy chart, taking advantage of the following tips for online blackjack play will give a player a proven upper hand at winning.

– Convenience

Playing any hour of the day or night from the comfort of your home is huge. Not only do you not have to dress for the casino, there are no worries with driving, gas, parking, public transportation, etc. That amount of money not spent is often enough to fund your bankroll.

– Tipping

Tipping the dealer is a common courtesy in a casino, although not required. But if you do and you play a lot of hands, that could easily add up to a significant amount of money that’s not going into your profit column. Playing blackjack online negates that little duty.

– Play more hands per hour

Mathematical strategy is the key to winning at blackjack. Playing blackjack with correct basic strategy might provide a player with $15/hr playing in a casino with minimal bets. Doesn’t it figure that if you increased the number of hands played per hour, your pay per hour would go up as well? Playing in a casino one-on-one with a dealer, a player could average about 209 hands per hour. Playing at a full table of seven players, that figure would be reduced to 52 hands per hour. Online blackjack affords you the opportunity to play multiple tables at one time and to play single-player tables rather than multi-player tables. This can greatly increase your hands per hour. If you are taking advantage of this tip, you are a serious blackjack player!

– Going heads up against the dealer

Many players believe that an inexperienced or uneducated player can easily screw up a game by making the wrong play, thereby ruining their chances at winning. This happens when a player sits down to a game and starts making terrible calls, hits or stands and throws the game completely out of whack for the other players. For instance, when the inexperienced player opts to hit and good strategy dictates that he should stand and he busts, he has potentially taken the bust card away from the dealer which could have meant a winning hand for the other players at the table. By playing heads up against the dealer, you don’t have to worry about someone else wrecking your chances at winning.

– Changing tables

You could be playing in a crowded land based casino and the cards just keep coming up lousy. You want to move to another table to get a better shoe, but you can’t because it’s too crowded. Plus, moving to another table can be inconvenient when you have to color up, cash in your chips, then buy new chips at another table. Playing blackjack online avoids all of that hassle. You can easily change tables or even go to another web site.

If you are going to play online blackjack, before you do, make sure to check out the sites loyalty comps and the deposit bonuses from a vetted casino with a great reputation. Along with table selection and proper strategy, they can significantly increase your odds at winning.

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