Buffalo Slot Machines Still Favored By Casino Players

buffalo_slot_machinesAnyone who has played slots for any length of time will tell you that they have a favorite type of machine that they will return to over and over again. For a lot of players, that machine is the Buffalo series with the Buffalo Grand, Buffalo Deluxe and Buffalo Stampede, made by Aristocrat Games. Whether it’s casino gambling or to play slots online, for the last four years, Buffalo has been named the top-performing slots game by the annual Goldman Sachs Slot Survey. But what makes Buffalo slot machines so popular?

It’s really not about the flash and the bells and whistles. It’s more about math. The frequency and size of payouts are determined by mathematical formulas. Machines with giant but rare payoffs are called high-volatility. Those with small but more frequent payoffs are called low-volatility. The attraction to Buffalo is because they strike a nice balance between the two. This middle-of-the-road formula keeps players at the game for longer periods of time, thanks in part to a great bonus design that provides free spins.

There are several game-play features that really contribute to Buffalo’s popularity. The bonus within a bonus is triggered when a player receives three coins on the first three reels of the game, unlocking free bonus spins. If a player gets more coins on those free spins, even more free spins are awarded, giving the player the ability to accumulate more free games.

Another great feature on Buffalo slot machines is that there is always a payoff as long as the correct symbols appear anywhere on consecutive reels starting from the farthest left. On most other slot machines, symbols have to line up for a payoff.

Probably the most popular feature of all is the multipliers that multiply each other. Getting a 2x symbol as part of a winning spin doubles the win. Getting a 3x symbol triples the win. If a player gets two or more 2x or 3x symbols on a winning spin, they multiply each other to boost the win by a multiple of six. Getting three 3x symbols will multiple the win 27 times. These multiplied wins generally happen when the free spin bonus has kicked in, so players get pretty excited when they trigger the bonus feature because they know a payoff is coming.

Add to these features great graphics and audio, and you’ve got a slots game with great staying power coupled with tremendous fan popularity and loyalty. A loud stampeding noise when buffaloes appear on the reels are familiar to fans of this game. Hearing that noise while walking through a casino tells you that you’re in buffalo territory!

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