Duterte Throws a Bone to Online Gambling Violators

Phillipines Hutch ResortDon’t you just love the days when the rule of “law & order” means that being deported feels like a blessing in comparison to being shot. To clarify, being deported or shot is because the way you make your living has been deemed unacceptable by the powers at be? Gotta love the infection of fascism masquerading as “populism” taking over the world these days.

And who better to be the South Asian poster boy of amoral radical governing, than the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte. The pro-murder president has approved of approximately 5,000 vigilante killings that have targeted people allegedly involved in the drug trade. But who needs a fair trial system anyhow? Justice based on a fair trial and a jury of your peers is so passé.

When the Philippine government decides to simply deport 1,318 Chinese Nationals who have jobs linked to unregulated online gambling, we should all be blown away by the incredible amount of discretion and mercy Duterte’s regime has exhibited.

I can hear them now: Thank you President Duterte. I’m very excited that my kids will still have a mom and that I wasn’t killed randomly because someone didn’t like the fact that I’m an online blackjack card dealer. Sweet deal.

But let’s be honest, the more likely reason that all of these Chinese Nationals haven’t mysteriously gone missing already is less based on the amount of humanity Duterte has balled up in his megalomaniac heart, but is far more likely to be based on his fear of severe Chinese retaliation if such a thing were to happen.

Needless to say, the Chinese do not seem overly enthused about how this most recent round up was handled, calling for the immediate release of any of their citizens that possess legal documentation. Most of these individuals were detained after a raid on a call center office facility at the Fontana Leisure Park, which is inside Clark Field, Pampanga. And you thought your day at work sucked?

Duterte’s softening toward online gambling is once again less of an issue of a softening of his heart, but more of a result of him getting a hard-on when he thinks about how much money he could make if only he were the one in charge of Filipino online casinos. Duterte had previously declared war on online gambling after being sworn into office on June 30, 2016: “Online gambling must stop. It has sprouted here and there. This is out of control.”

But after he dismantled the major player in the industry, PhilWeb, Duterte has now miraculously ‘seen the light’ on how keeping online gambling wouldn’t be so awful after all.

The magic word? Taxes, aka buckets of money he can do with as he pleases. If someone can do away with the due process of the law in favor of a complete disregard for the sanctity of life, do you really think he is going to be above funneling that cash into his own coffers? Well then, get ready for 2017.

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