Finding the best bitcoin casinos

Finding the Best Bitcoin CasinosLooking for the best bitcoin casinos? Bitcoin has seen a massive price increase in 2017 and along with this it has also seen an big increase in media coverage and adoption among investors, speculators and casino players alike. So if a person wants to play at a bitcoin casino, how can they find the best one to play at? There is no single casino online that can rightfully claim the be the best bitcoin casino but there are a number of websites that serve as guides providing rankings and reviews of the top bitcoin casinos online. In this article we’ll discuss what to look for when searching for the right bitcoin casino site to meet your needs. We also provide you with a guide to the web’s best bitcoin gambling sites.

Finding the Best Bitcoin Casinos:

The first thing to research is a casino’s reputation. There are loads of online gambling guides that review bitcoin casinos and the sites that offer player reviews are a good place to start. Any players considering depositing bitcoins with an online casino should check their reviews on these guides and also do a Google search for “[casino name] complaints]” before making a deposit. For example, is a well ranked bitcoin casino site so doing a google search for “BitCasino Complaints” would help to uncover more information about this casino’s reputation. Doing this same search just now we’ve found a couple of complaints in Google search results and will be looking into these further to discover if they have been resolved yet or if this casino potentially needs to be listed on our blacklist. We’ve been reviewing online casinos for over almost 20 years. At first look BitCasino appears to be legitimate since they are ranked #1 on google when doing a search on “bitcoin casino”. So finding these complaints just now is concerning to us and it needs to be investigated in more detail to get a thorough understanding of their status. We have removed BitCasino from our trusted bitcoin casino guide until further notice. The point here is to look carefully into any casino’s background before making deposits with them. At you’ll find a current list of approved online casinos currently accepting bitcoin deposits in 2017.

Bitcoin Wallets:

There are several choices to hold your bitcoins which are known as bitcoin wallets. Two of the most popular wallets for holding bitcoins online are and These are fine options holding small amounts of bitcoins but if you plan to have a large amount of money invested in bitcoin its recommended that you store them in an offline wallet using private keys for the highest level of security possible.

Active Bitcoin Forums:

  • – Bitcoin Talk is the most active forum for the bitcoin community and an excellent resource for a wide range of discussions and learning about bitcoins in general.
  • – is also a popular forum for discussing all things bitcoin.
  • – The Reddit community is massive and there a lot of of helpful people contributing to this forum.
  • –’s list of useful bitcoin communities.

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