Nevada Casinos Look To Merge Casino Betting With Wagering Accounts

nevada-casinosGambling in Nevada requires players to have multiple gaming accounts, depending upon the type of gambling being done. Needless to say, this can be a hassle. But now, state gambling regulators will soon be discussing the possibility of having one account to fund all types of gambling, whether it be sports betting, casinos gaming or online gambling.

A.G. Burnett, chairman of the Gaming Control Board, said, “Currently, there are separate account-wagering regulations for each type of gaming, such as for mobile gaming, races and sports, interactive and slots. Each may have slightly different requirements. The aim of the changes we are making to the regulations is to bring them all into alignment so they have the same requirements for each, with only minor variances.”

Burnett said that the Gaming Control Board will be holding a workshop on Dec. 8, after having received a proposal from the gaming industry to make changes to the gaming funding regulations. The request was actually received last year, so any new changes that the Board makes now will be retroactive to 2015 changes that the Board made to the Nevada gaming law.
Burnett further noted that, “What we’re doing is making it easier for the patron. We are moving from a cash-based society to an electronic payment-based society, and these regulations are attempting to address that. Specifically, (among other things) we will be changing the definition of a wagering voucher to include digital payments. We’re trying to move to an all-digital representation of a wagering voucher.”

It is expected that allowing betting accounts to fund casinos gaming will give a big boost to casinos in Nevada. Not that they need one right now, as October gambling revenue figures are in showing a double-digit rise. The Nevada Gaming Control Board released figures on Dec. 6 showing statewide casino gaming revenue for the month at $887.5 million. This represents an 11.2% rise over October 2015’s figures. Although impressive, the number failed to top September’s total of $949 million.

Sportsbooks in Nevada are also doing quite well. October betting revenue was reported at $42.3 million, which was up nearly 26% year-on-year. The return of football season certainly helped by accounting for $30.8 million of the total betting revenue, which was up 27.7% from October 2015. Bookies were happy, as the football win rate was 7.5%. This was based on a handle of $400.5 million, which was the second highest football handle in the state’s history. It also represented the fifth straight year of rising betting volume.

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