Is Online Gambling with Bitcoin Legal?

Is it legal to gamble online with bitcoins? This is a question that has been asked for years now and there is no concrete answer yet given by the United States Government. Back in 2013 NPR asked the question Is Online Gambling Legal If Bitcoins, Not Dollars, Are at Stake? The author called the Justice Department to find out at that time but it declined to comment. The generalĀ opinionĀ on the Internet is that bitcoin gambling is not illegal since Bitcoins are not money and they don’t interact with banking institutions. is a website that provides a wide range of articles on the top of bitcoin gambling. This bitcoin gambling site attempts to help gamblers learn more about gambling online with Bitcoins by providing articles on Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin casinos and information on various bitcoin gambling websites. was created as a guide to online gambling with Bitcoin and it has grown into one of the top sources of BTC gambling information.

The popular Bitcoin discussion forum also has many articles on the topic of Bitcoin Gambling. Reading through this forum you will find a lot of different opinions about gambling with BTC but once again there are no concrete answers available as to the legality of it all. For the most part people say that its not illegal to gamble online with bitcoins but there has been no official statement yet from the United States Justice Department.

If you’re looking to find some of the best bitcoin gambling sites check out this article from Here we discuss bitcoin gambling in detail and offer our reviews of some of the top bitcoin gambling websites available in 2018. is another bitcoin gambling guide you can go to to learn more about online gambling with Bitcoins. It lists popular bitcoin gambling sites and offer reviews of the best bitcoin casinos for anyone Interested in gambling online with BTC. was created in 2017 and is becoming one of the top resources for information about Online gambling with Bitcoin. Bovada Casino and Bitstarz Casino are a couple of the online casinos accepting Bitcoin that come highly recommended by this website. has been covering the online gambling industry since 1996.

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