Online Sports Betting USA

The United States Supreme Court recently changed an old law banning sports gambling in the USA. In the process they’ve paved the way for states to legalize and regulate sports betting within their own state. Online sports betting in the USA is set to flourish from these recent changes.¬†In this article will be talking about USA online sports betting and providing you with links to recent news articles and web resources for further reading of these recent changes to the laws on sports betting.

For years the major sports organizations like NBA, NFL & MLB have opposed changes to the sports betting ban in the United States. This was largely due to fears that with legal sports betting players could possibly throw a game to offset the true outcome in an effort to receive a back room payout from some dodgy sportsbook outfit, sports gambler or even a bookie.

In wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling the NBA is preparing for its impact on the league.

Online casinos and the gambling industry as a whole are expected to benefit from the recent ruling. Seeing the change as good news, Indian Tribes are digging in to gain their share of the sports betting market. Indian casinos bring in billions of dollars every year in many states throughout the United States. With legal sports gambling on the way soon Indian tribes gambling revenues should see a big addition to their bottom line.

The world of sports should not change that much from the recent Supreme Court reversal of the ban on sports gambling. ESPN has posted an article titled Sports betting legalization: How we got here. While support of the past law banning sports betting in the United States was strong from the major league sporting associations it wasn’t strong enough to stop the reversal of the Federal ban. This article from ESPN talks more about this in detail. has created a page about USA online sports betting that lists various sportsbooks and sports gambling sites for bettors in the United States. It also lists sportsbooks for UK, Canada and Europe sporting event gamblers. Websites and online gambling portals like will also be able to change their sports betting offers made available to sportsbook bettors in the USA.

The future of online sports betting in the United States is looking bright. An industry that was once driven offshore and unregulated will be brought back to the states and be set to deliver states much needed dollars in taxable revenues. Regulation will also benefit sports gamblers by ensuring they are betting with regulated online sportsbooks.


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