Is Pennsylvania Counting its Chickens Before They Hatch?

Pennsylvania Counts Eggs for GamblingThe online gambling revenue that is promised to bolster Pennsylvania’s 2018 budget will remain elusive until the Pennsylvania congress is able to come to terms with the fact that, in order to utilize the money from online gaming, they will first need to to allow online gambling to be legal in the state.

It would seem like pretty obvious logic, yet it seemed to slip by the Pennsylvania politicians this past year, when they approved a budget that included $100 million from the expansion of online gambling revenue, but failed to pass the expansion. Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch.

This budget that was just approved by the Pennsylvania legislation now includes double the previous amount attributed an online gambling expansion. It would seem that they are following a tragic problem gambling pattern of counting on winnings, that you have yet to win, in order to get yourself out of a hole. The one thing that they have distinctly in their favor, is that it does have to be a gamble. All they need to do is actually approve the expansion and allow revenue to come in and successfully fund the budget provisions that they have planned.

Online gambling is not the only industry that is slated to, hopefully, bring in needed tax revenue to the keystone state. Natural gas production has been booming in the state’s delicate Marcellus shale, despite grave environmental and public health concerns. This current budget does include modest tax increases to the natural gas companies as they extract the natural resource from the state’s reserves. Of course, average Joe will also have to pay a similar increase on natural gas service. The legislature has also increased the online sales tax for online sales by third parties as well.

It will continue to be seen if Pennsylvania ends up, yet again, with a self-inflicted gaping hole in their budgeted revenue due to the legislature failing to pass the online gambling expansion.

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