VR Technology Is Reshaping Online Gambling

vr-technologyDo you like to bet now and then? Whether it’s gambling in an online casino or placing a sports bet online, VR (virtual reality) technology is now starting to shape the online gambling industry, just as it has done in the gaming industry. Investments in firms promoting VR technology have the potential for huge payoffs.

Gambling has always had a pretty shady history. But online gambling has slowly but surely been bringing the gambling industry out of the shadows. With gambling online becoming legal in more countries around the world, including the U.S., gambling has become more acceptable and mainstream. But casinos had become outdated and were just the same old – same old and were not appealing to younger generations coming of age.

Until now. With the online gambling industry taking a cue from the gaming industry, and offering immersive action games, younger gamblers are starting to frequent brick and mortar casinos as well as online casinos. Other than easy and reliable mobile access to the internet, VR technology is the most significant innovation that has come to market that will boost the popularity of online gambling.
With so many casinos online for players to choose from, competition amongst operators battling for those players is getting extreme. There are thousands of different games for online casino players to choose from. So, the presentation of those games becomes vitally important.

SlotsMillion was launched by ALEA in 2015 as the internet’s first VR multi-player online casino. Set in a futuristic city, it allows players to walk around within a virtual casino. Players select an avatar as their image and can choose from 40 different slots games. They can also interact with other players and staff. By increasing player engagement, it offers a far more immersive experience that what is currently available in the gambling industry.

Virtual Reality will drastically change the online casino of the future. Operators, affiliates and players will all be able to interact. Service that is normally reserved for VIPs in brick and mortar casinos will be available to all players.

Gambling is entertainment. And if a product can’t keep the customer entertained, the future of online gambling will be dismal. It will take time for the full potential of VR to be realized in the gambling industry. But because VR can provide a riveting experience with a greater depth of interaction than anything else on the market, it will be a game changer. Operators that provide the VR experience will rule the market.

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