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Slot machines have long been the most readily available and popular casino game for the recreational gambler. It’s no secret that slots do not provide the best odds of winning consistently. But that’s not why most people play them. Providing the chance of hitting a life-changing jackpot, not to mention stimulating entertainment, slots ceaselessly continue to entice gamblers. Immediately below, play slots online with fun money, and tap into how fun the newest online slot games can be.

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Ready to play with real money?

Ready to play with real money?

Ready to play with real money?

Ready to play with real money?

Winning at Slots

To win at slots requires good luck and timing, plain and simple. Like all games, the outcome of each spin of the reels is random within a certain degree of deviation. There are far too many possible symbol combinations that one cannot possibly predict the outcome of each game. Even if one could, the very structure of slot machines do not provide the opportunity to implement strategy and increase one’s odds of winning, because one cannot make any supplemental actions during the game. Other than pressing the Spin button, there is nothing one can do to improve the odds of winning at slots online. That said, proper bankroll management always helps in logging out of the online casino with money in the pocket. Whether this is achieved by setting losing limits and/or helping to extend one’s time spent gambling, and consequently, keeping one in the game longer to hit a big jackpot, bankroll management know-how is imperative before one seeks out to play slots online.

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For slot machines of this day and age - whether played online or in a land-based casino - the final position of the reels is always determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG), which is essentially a computerized software control. The RNG determines the outcome of ones spin at the precise millisecond one clicks a mouse, presses the spin button or pulls the arm lever.

The majority of online slots provide five reels and several paylines. It is up to the players discretion the number of paylines wagered on, not to mention the coin size also. While the more paylines wagered helps give a slightly better odds of winning, that also means the overall wager size will be more. Needless to say, the winning symbol combos that show up less frequently are the ones that provide the most winnings. If the slot machine comes with a progressive jackpot, this will provide for the largest payout.

Online video slots that accept real money bets usually provide added bonuses and playing features that include wild and scatter symbols that help initiate free spins and multiplied winnings. Games often culminate in what is called a second screen bonus round, which not only provides additional winnings but an entertainment aspect that usually includes a storyline that progresses further the more one plays and wins.

Slot Tournaments

Many online casinos offer slot tournaments that pool players together and provide added winnings. Other than "free rolls", slot tournaments require players to pay an entry fee to take part. The fee is used to go toward paying out the winners. Each player is given a specific bankroll as per the entry fee, and if after having exhausted the full bankroll, players are allowed to purchase "rebuys", which will give them a newly funded bankroll. For example, a $5 entry fee may provide $100 in coins, with $5 rebuys providing an additional $200 in coins.

Featured Slots Tournament

Drake Casino is a long-standing online casino catering to players throughout the world (including the US, Canada and Europe), resulting in larger player pools and better slots tournaments overall. The fact of the matter is that few online casinos even offer slots tournaments, let alone tournament action 24/7. Outstanding mobile compatibility and customer service help make Drake a player favorite.

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Slot Games

Slot machines have come a long way since the early days when they were nothing more than weighted symbols on reels – some more weighted than others with the intent of decreasing the odds of higher paying symbol combinations. Back then, payouts were far less more than what modern slot games – especially progressive jackpot video slots – have the ability to pay out.

Indeed, video slots are the most popular slot game available today. While classic 3-reel games are still offered at online and land-based casinos, casino slot machine floors and virtual casino lobbies are dominated by the presence of video slots. Classic slots generally have no more than five paylines, while video slots exceed twenty paylines and offer players a wealth of bonuses and features like free spins and winnings multipliers.

As slot machine technology continues to evolve, the future of this popular casino game will most likely play out online via social media and augmented reality features. Imagine being inside the slot machine itself, the giant symbols coming to a crashing halt at your feet, triggering a bonus round in which you stand within the themed world of the slot game and make bonus round selections with your very own hand, all the while competing with other players in your personal social media circles. Slot games have been around for quite some time, and will inevitable continue to play a major part in the future of gambling entertainment. Slots Articles

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